Blue Dome Is Alive!

I was recently forwarded this from a fellow artist:

Blue Dome Arts Festival is gathering steam. The website will be up shortly. In the meantime, email your name and contact information to: to secure a place in line. You will receive further instructions about how to submit your application. Please share this information with other artists who are interested in participating.

The Blue Dome Festival has also updated its Facebook page with similar info. This is definitely progress!My PlansHrm.. Since the grapevine and other such birdies have been whispering my ear that the Blue Dome Festival probably wouldn't come back, (and I haven't heard diddly about the supposed replacement show at the Brady District), I went ahead and applied for Tulsa Mayfest -- the big daddy that's kickin' it two blocks away on the same weekend.On the plus side, it's a bigger show, it gets mentioned on the evening news, and I'll get to brag that I made it into the big leagues.The downsides however:

  • The booth fee is $300. (Blue Dome was $80.)
  • The jury is still out, and it won't be another week until they tell me if I'm accepted. (Blue Dome has no jury.)
  • It gets held to a higher standard, and therefore the slightest managerial mistakes get blown out of proportion.
    • There's no telling whether they'll change the rules again this year: Will we record our own sales, or will they do it for us? Will they charge commission this time? Will they provide us with a pony and a flying car?
  • Even though I was in Blue Dome for the previous two years, people would meet me at other shows and say, "I remember you from Mayfest!" (Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I was too busy feeling proud of my clever way of saving $220!)
  • Since I've never been there, I don't know the crowd, and I certainly don't know my competition. (Blue Dome was more laid back and bohemian, and my use of ProPanels makes me stand out a bit more. Sales have always been solid at Blue Dome.. taking any other show is a gamble.)

I don't know.. If the Blue Dome folks don't get back to me in time, and I get accepted into Mayfest next week, I'll probably just take it and run. We'll see.(I might end up kicking myself. Blue Dome is a damn good show.)