New Images for 2010

These will be printed in the usual sizes: 12", 18", 24" -- and the larger sizes will be framed in either metal or wood.I think I need to mention the big difference between this new "Into" image, and the other ones I started offering last year. This one is not only color corrected with more neutral tones, but it's on the order of 40 megapixels. For those of you wondering, "He's using a Nikon D300s, which is only 12MP.. How the heck did he do that?" It's 12 images stitched into one. With the tripod and the natural stillness of a foggy scene, it's a matter of zooming to 200mm and creating a series of  carefully-planned "cropped" portions to stitch together. I also had to be conscious to use just enough overlap to reduce lens distortion, or it might have seemed more like looking through several blocks of glass brick rather than a continuous scene.Once I remodel my website, these will be moved near the front of the gallery!