Would you be interested if I taught a photography class?

(Edit 05/15/2012) - Coincidentally enough, right as I posted this, the Stillwater Multi Arts Center found another photographer to teach a digital photography class. That doesn't mean I can't teach one as well, but there would be a LOT of overlap in the subject matter. (See the Summer Class Schedule for details.)If all goes well, I'll try to get lesson plans put together up for a fall class. I'm also up for one-on-one tutorials as well.---The Multi Arts Center in downtown Stillwater, Oklahoma is looking for new teachers, and they have an opening for a class on digital photography.I am considering jumping in, but I only have a rough idea of what I would cover. I have an even more vague notion of the cost. Depending on the details, it might be a one-day workshop, or it might be a several-weekend class. So before I give it a go, I'm curious how many people would be interested in this.The field of digital photography is quite large. Do you have anything specific in mind?

  • Organizing and developing photos in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Shooting flowers in low-light conditions on the second Tuesday of every odd-numbered month in Oklahoma counties ending in the letter e! (..speaking of which, Le Flore county is quite nice this time of year!)
  • Or would you like an overview of everything: "This is a camera. This is the button you press to make the camera do stuff. Go!"

What about the structure of the class?

  • Hands-on tutorial: Bring your camera and computer, and we do the occasional outdoor workshop together.
  • Lecture / Seminar: Watch me press buttons during the class, and you work at your own pace outside of class.

Length of class?

  • A single weekend workshop, done.
  • An ongoing course that meets every weekend, for a couple months straight.
  • Combination of the two: "Part 1" meets for a couple days. "Part 2" meets for a couple more. Then there's probably a "Part 3", and you can enroll in them one at a time, or all at once.

Let me know what you think -- respond to this post, or email me directly: jason@jwallacephoto.com